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Enamelled Round Winding Wires

We provide a wide range of Enamelled Round Winding Wires for use in electrical machines such as motors, generators, transformers, house hold appliances, auto-electricals, electrical hand tools, refrigeration (hermetic) motors, fans, switchgears, coils and relays, ballasts and etc.

* IS 13730 and IEC 60317 are completely harmonized standards and are identical.

  1. Cross Sectional Area
    Cross Sectional area = π/4xd² mm²
    Where d = conductor diameter in mm
  2. Weight of Conductor
    Copper conductor : 6.98218 x (d)²
    Where d = conductor diameter Based on Density of copper = 8.890 g/cc
  3. Conductor resistance Copper Conductor
    Nominal resistivity annealed conductor, as in enamelled wire, according to IEC 60317-0-1 specification = 1/58.5=0.017094 ohm.mm²/m

For AWG sizes, Resistivity as specified in NEMA MW 1000-2003 = max. 0.017241 (=1/58) ohm.mm²/m, corresponding to conductivity 100%(IACS) is taken as base.

Delivery Spools: Our Enamelled Round Winding Wires are supplied on plastic spools; Cylindrical Barrelled, Taper Barrelled and Bi-Conical.

These spools are generally according to specifications :

  • IEC 60264-2-2 : Specification for Cylindrical Barrelled plastic spools, returnable type.
  • IEC 60264-3-2 : Speciciation for Taper Barrelled plastic spools, returnable type.
  • Indian equivalent Cylindrical Barrelled plastic spools, non-returnable type.

Bi-Conical plastic spools are available for Fine Wire between 0.2 mm – 0.05 mm upon specific request.

Wire Size & Respective Spool Types:

Cylindrical Barrelled Spools

Taper Barrelled Spools

Other Spools available on request.

We need the following information from our valued clients to understand fully your requirement and deliver the right product :

  • Wire Size nominal diameter in mm or SWG or AWG.
  • Conductor : Copper or Aluminium.
  • Type of Insulation and thermal class, e.g. Polyester imide, Class 180 or Dual coated Polyester + Polyamide imide Class 200 or Polyurethane solderable, Class 155, etc.
  • Grade of insulation (thickness), e.g. Grade 1 or 2 or 3, or Single, heavy or triple.
  • Specification reference : e.g. IEC 60317-8 or IEC 60317-13 or NEMA MW 1000-Part 24C.
  • Packing : Spool size required (for specific Type please refer to Delivery Spools).
  • Net Quantity : Quantity of Wire required, e.g. 2500 kg.

For any other special requirement, please get in touch with us via