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About Dar Al Nuhas


We are a copper enterprise based in the UAE

Deep Expertise

With extensive experience in the copper industry, from busbars to winding wires, we bring together teams with decades of market presence.

Mecon Electricals

Est. 1993

Spencer Electricals

Est. 1993

Precision Wires

Est. 1989

Milan (Atlas Wires)

Est. 1981

Precision Electricals

Est. 1990

Core Motive

Having been involved in the Electrical Industry for as long as we have, we recognise and empathise with the bottlenecks and the predicaments faced by companies at different stages of the pipeline. We are here to address the issues and to streamline operations for us, and for our clients.


Care for each client’s needs with due attention to intricacies.


Build organic relationships through trustworthy reliance.


Continually strive to perfect products and operations with no exceptions.