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Enamelled Rectangular Winding Wires

Enamelled Rectangular Copper Wires or Strip Wires are used in low and medium voltage electrical machines such as motors, generators and transformers. The cross section of these wires ranges from 3.0 to 75.0 square millimetre with an insulation Class ranging from 105 to 220 degrees Celsius.

Rectangular Enamelled Copper Wires

  • Poly Vinyl Acetal, Class 105, 130
  • Polyester, Class 130 and 155
  • Polyesterimide 180
  • Dual Coated Polyester (imide) + Polyamide imide, Class 200
  • Polyamide imide, Class 200
  • Polyesterimide Bondable, Class 155 and 180
  • And Other insulation Coatings according to customer specifications

Cross-section area=wxt-0.8584 r² mm²

W = Conductor Width in mm
t = Conductor Thickness in mm
And r = Corner Radius in mm


Weight of Copper Conductor
Weight in kg/km = 6.982 x d²

d = Conductor dia in mm
and Copper density = 8.890 g/cc

Delivery Spools: Dimensions of Drums (mm)


  1. Catch hole diameter for all the drums will be 16mm.
  2. **One additional hole of 18mm to be provided on flange at 290mm distance from centre.

We need the following information from our valued clients to understand fully your requirement and deliver the right product :

  • Size : Width * Thickness
  • Type of Insulation and thermal class, e.g. Polyester imide, Class 180 or Dual coated Polyester + Polyamide imide Class 200 or Polyurethane solderable, Class 155, etc.
  • Grade of insulation (thickness), e.g. Grade 1 or 2 or 3, or Single, heavy or triple.
  • Specification reference : e.g. IEC 60317-28 or IEC 60317-13 or NEMA etc. We can also supply as per Customer drawn Specification
  • Packing : Spool size required (for specific Type please refer to Delivery Spools).
  • Net Quantity : Quantity of Wire required, e.g. 2500 kg.(Minimum quantity at a time per size shall be either 1000 KGs or as mutually agreed upon)

For any other special requirement, please get in touch with us via